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The Halal Way

existing brand & app re-design

GoMeat is an existing delivery app for halal meat. It was redesigned in Adobe XD, in addition to the whole stationery set, brand logo, app icon, and mobile app. A detailed map screen was added so that the customers can see when their order has arrived.

Research Process
Pain Points

Pain points motivate users to find a solution to be able to solve this pain. It helps to better understand your users’ needs and their overall goals for using your product before asking them directly. 

Pain Point100.png

Personas are created as part of the research process prior to beginning the design process. In other words, personas are user profiles that describe demographics, user behaviors, and user needs, concerns, and goals. Designers put themselves in the shoes of consumers to determine if the app is beneficial and useful.

Since the app is for halal meat distribution, the users are mainly Muslims who don't have time to go shopping for halal meat, especially if they live in an area with little or no halal meat options.


A flowchart represents the individual steps of a process in sequential order. It is a common method that can be used to define various processes that can be modified for a wide range of purposes.

Flow Chart100.png
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