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Noor Al Malallah

Graphic & Interactive Designer
Noor logo mock up.jpg


Personal Identity


The intent of my personal identity was to combine my Arabic heritage with the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. The name Noor is shown in both English and Arabic. The letter N, in Arabic, has a dot that has been converted into a heart shape to match with the letter O. The letter R also holds half of the heart shape. Because Noor means ‘light’ in Arabic, the color choice was based on the color of the sun.

Bee Smart

original brand and concept for a community learning center

Bee Smart is a family-based community learning center. The center offers a variety of classes on Arabic culture including calligraphy, Islamic studies, and Middle Eastern cooking. Activities for children provide opportunities to learn and practice conversational Arabic.

Happy Monster

original concept and illustrations for an app

The Bee Smart learning center has developed a "Happy Monster" gaming app to help children learn the Arabic language. With three learning levels, the Happy Monster app uses baking as an overall theme. In this active learning environment, children hear, speak, and see Arabic words while learning to bake.

Seat Me

original concept for an app

Given the pandemic and ongoing capacity restrictions, people can only meet under very specific circumstances. Salons, for example, are experiencing loss of income and an unstable future. This app is intended to make it easier for businesses to schedule appointments. Users can make same-day or future appointments and choose the services they desire and the professional they want.


existing brand & app re-design

GoMeat is an existing delivery app for halal meat. It was redesigned in Adobe XD, in addition to the whole stationery set, brand logo, app icon, and mobile app. A detailed map screen was added so that the customers can see when their order has arrived.

Fluffy Bunny

original brand concept

Fluffy Bunny sells original stuffed dolls and animals that are hand-made from soft yarn. Fluffy Bunny products can be customized using a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. The logo design combines yarn with a bunny to help identify the mission of the business.

Do It

original app concept for Apple Watch

Students often have a problem remembering their school assignments. With so many different to-do apps on the market, this one is designed to be simpler, helping students remember deadlines without having to add every little detail.

Towers of the Middle East

original concept for stamps

Stamps designed for the Saudi Post inspired by the most famous skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE. A combination of illustration and digital imaging, the towers were all illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and the backgrounds were developed in Adobe Photoshop.

AllStamps 2.jpg

original concept for movie poster

The brief was to design a poster after developing a concept for a movie script. This movie is about the main character "Zain" who has a mental disorder and is living with his alcoholic father and his evil stepmother. The stepmother has tried her best to make Zain's life miserable.

Incisor & Molar 

original concept and illustration  for a children's book

An Arabic storybook for children. The story takes place in the mouth where Incisor (the healthy tooth) and Molar (the unhealthy tooth) are talking. The book is twenty-four pages including four English translation pages.

Books Mockup.png
Mondu Typeface

an original typeface design

Mondu is a pixel typeface based on a 13 x 10 grid. It is inspired by the more classical typefaces of  Minecraft even though it is made of pixels. The typeface is feminine and quirky.

Noor logo mock up.jpg


I am Noor Al Malallah originally from Saudi Arabia. I am pursuing a BFA in Design and Animation with a concentration in Graphic and Interactive Design, and a minor in Marketing. I am currently studying at Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA.


Noor Creative

Email: | Tel: 646-875-3583

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